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Perfect cooking - even when camping in a freestanding kitchen tent

Kitchen tents have been around for a very long time, as people have always cooked outside and simply wanted shelter from wind and rain. Whether for the army or big events, these tents are always used and are also extremely useful in terms of hygiene and trouble-free preparation of food of all kinds.With the advent of camping culture, a completely new need arose in camping. Of course you can also cook in your awning, but most campers didn't want kitchen smells or fat in their awnings. Not to mention that the material properties of a camping awning change when it is not a PVC tent. We from VORZELTE PROFIS have put together a guide with information to advise every camper in detail with background information and tips on the subject of kitchen tents, additional tents and to make the perfect online purchase for yourkitchen tent . We inform comprehensively about::

  • Purpose
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Material properties
  • What will be stored in a kitchen tent
  • From which camping duration is the employment worthwhile?

Where and when can I use a kitchen tent?

No matter where to cook or what to store, with an extra tent specially designed for cooking, you can confidently prepare everything you are used to at home while camping. Here it doesn't matter if fat and food smells collect in the kitchen tent after cooking. The camping tent should be free-looking and stable. It shouldn't fly away in every gust of wind. How do they say: Love goes through the stomach and with a homemade lunch or dinner, you can win everyone and even the camping neighbors quickly become the best friends. Especially when there is little space on the campsites, you have your own cooking area where nobody looks into your pots and pans. On many campsites there is no extra cooking possibility, as there are no sanitary facilities at lakes, forests and nature reserves. Some kitchen tents are also ideal for use as equipment tents or as side tents and for storing equipment such as lawn mowers, chairs, bicycles, grills, air mattresses, etc. If you don't want anyone to see what is stored in your kitchen tent, order a kitchen tent online with window flaps. So, like in the Air awning no curious looks have a chance. But also in your own garden a kitchen tent makes itself very useful, because here all garden tools are protected against rain and corrosion. And should you ever prepare strong-smelling food, you have an alternative here to not ruin the whole apartment.

Advantages - but also disadvantages?

Who hasn't wanted to cook in their own awning or hasn't always wanted to eat out in a restaurant. But if it weren't for all the cooking smells and the fat that accumulates everywhere. For example, if you want to sleep in the fully drawn-in air tent, you have a problem here and in the worst case the cooking odour will also pull into the caravan or motorhome. If you forget to close the window or door, all fragrances will not only pull into all your clothes, no, it smells like a gas in the whole vehicle. Then you may need a whole week until you have removed the complete smell again. With a free-standing kitchen tent everyone can cook, bake and grill what the camper wants. Ideally, the kitchen tent should have enough standing height to be able to move sufficiently. A mobile kitchen is, if you have enough space for it, the ultimate in camping. Here you separate the living room and also the bedroom from the kitchen. The awning or RV awnings last longer and the smells stay where they belong, in the kitchen tent. For disadvantages, we had to think long and hard, well, we came up with 2 points. Space requirement and weight, one is always limited on journeys. But everyone can check that before, the weight data of the tents are in the description also on VORZELTE PROFIS.

Which material is suitable for a kitchen tent?

The fabric of the mobile kitchen should be able to withstand heat, especially when grilling and cooking, and at the same time be washable. Cheap kitchen tents are made of polyester, PVC polyester coated on both sides, the higher quality tents of PVC Trevia. The perfect field kitchen (military term) is made of durable PVC, where fats and unpleasant kitchen smells can be easily removed or wiped off. If you have curtains in the kitchen, you can of course wash them in the washing machine. Who wants smells from your last camping holiday in the kitchen tent? Although the high-quality PVC is a little heavier, it impresses with its long service life, high-quality and durable material, stable stand and easy cleaning.

Do I need an indoor sky for a kitchen tent?

Good idea, but no. Fat would settle in it immediately after the first cooking and grilling and you would have to replace it immediately. Only then where to put it? Also an interior sky would not survive the grilling under any circumstances. In short not a good idea. Better provide sufficient ventilation.

What is stored in a kitchen tent?

Actually you should ask what is not placed in a kitchen tent or side tent. Whether a motorcycle or high-quality electric bicycles there are actually no limits. If you also want to use the awning as a kitchen tent, it only makes sense to set up appliances that can be easily and quickly put out again. Who would like to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning and clear everything out of the tent to cook lunch at noon? Whether camping furniture such as extra chairs, bamboo tables, cupboards or even an extra Sunroofs here every camper can store everything. If you store high-quality equipment here, you should make sure that the awning or kitchen tent has fixed window flaps. Here the Inaca kitchen tents are highly recommended. If the tent is big enough, even surprise guests can sleep in the Arosa kitchen tent without any problems. Up to 4 persons fit in just right

Weekend camping - holidays, permanent camping, when is a kitchen tent worth it?

If you don't want to cook a 5-course menu on a weekend, you don't necessarily need a field kitchen. Those who still have space and sufficient payload weight can also draw on the full capacity here. Depending on how much time you have and bring with you. For stays of more than 1 week you should think about this extra comfort. Additionaly it offers advantages to an motorhome which are not to be underestimated. The following companies offer kitchen tents if you consider to order online: Obelink, Brunner, Herzog, Ventura, Brand, DWT, Isabella, Wigo, Dorema & Inaca.

Vorzelte-Profis Tip: If you decide on a kitchen tent, you should look for quality. This is indicated by durability and stability, even in strong winds. An awning tent in combination with a kitchen tent is also ideal. If you travel a lot and don't want to miss out on home-cooked meals, a mobile kitchen is the perfect solution for camping. Those who would like a floor in the field kitchen can order a awning carpet online and if necessary also a Water Protection Tarpaulin. In terms of quality and possible uses, Inaca kitchen tents are the leaders. We recommend the Messina Kitchen Tent in modern design or the classic Victoria Kitchen Tent. Further accessories for camping can be found in our Camping-Accessories Online Shop.