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Founded 1996 - In the tranquil municipality of Wedemark, which lies in Lower Saxony. The company specializes in the production of chlorine dioxide products. One of the top sellers of the DR. Küke GmbH is undoubtedly the DK-DOX Active Basic. Especially in the scientific field they are known as a reliable and accomplished partner. The method for the simple and harmless production of pH-neutral chlorine dioxide makes the DK-DOX for drinking water disinfection so successful and effective. DK-DOX® does not attack any materials, is chlorine-free and minimally corrosive. For this you should know who is traveling with his caravan, boat, motorhome or anything that has a drinking water tank needs clean drinking water. With DK-DOX® AKTIV BASIC and DK-DOX® AKTIV MOBIL, clean and above all safe drinking water in healthy water quality is always and everywhere at your disposal. You can use DK-DOX to clean your water tank and all pipes. The elimination of bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae and legionella is no problem for DK-Dox even under difficult conditions. Your vehicle or boat does not need to be moved and is approved according to the German Drinking Water Ordinance. It is free of harmful heavy metals and soluble ions. Thus, your children can drink the water after disinfection.