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Wurmi - Screwing instead of hammering since 1998

Almost every camper knows the problem with awning construction. The herring is crooked or partially broken. Of course, this is annoying, it doesn't bring any joy and new ones have to be bought before every further holiday. In addition, the condition of the ground plays an important role. If the ground is too hard, it is difficult to use pegs, if it is too soft, the Air Awnings may not have enough support.

Screw pegs - The construction makes the difference

The fixing and retention of a herring in the ground is determined by its construction. A smooth surface does not give enough resistance like a real screw with a suitable winding. Thanks to its thread geometry, the Wurmi screw peg can easily be driven into the ground and thus additionally compacts the soil. Thus it guarantees an optimal fit and hold for your Awning even on soft ground. The Wurmi screwdrivers can be easily inserted into the floor by hand or with the aid of a top piece or screwed with a cordless screwdriver top piece, click nut even into hard floors. The popular yellow hook clips, which hang into all straps and elements for tensioning when the peg is screwed in, are also used. In the course of time, the idea of a single screw peg became a complete fastening system.

Quality screw pegs - Made in Germany

Wurmi screw pegs and screwdriving systems are produced exclusively in Germany. This makes a clear difference in quality to other manufacturers who produce in China. Wurmi products are subject to strict quality controls and correspond to the quality seal - Made in Germany. Due to the glass fibre reinforced UV-resistant special plastic it is very stable and therefore lasts much longer than similar products from China. If the screw herring should bend, there is no visible white break.

VORZELTE PROFIS - Online Shop for Wurmi Screw pegs and Camping Accessories

In our online shop we offer the compact entry-level product Wurmi - Air hoseTent Set for the perfect and secure attachment of Air Awnings and the storage of wormis in a bag. For campers with large awnings like Dorema Horizon Air we recommend the Wurmi – Awning-Set De Luxe. The package also includes a click drill to anchor the Wurmi screw herring in extremely hard floors. We recommend screwing the Wurmi sets into the ground with a rechargeable drill bit in order to be able to tension your awning with your free second hand in one pull.