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Westfield Awnings – Innovation in Air

Westfield is a subsidiary of the HengFeng Group based in China, which has been one of the leading manufacturers of camping and outdoor accessories since 1991. Westfield offers everything you need for your camping holiday, from camping chairs to air awnings. Westfield has more than 13 of its own production facilities and laboratories for testing and researching new innovative materials. HengFeng is one of the pioneering companies in camping and awnings. Westfield has specialised in camping, with the well-known camping chairs (Advancer) and the large selection of air tents such as the Westfield Galaxy 2.0, Vega, Orion and the Westfield Pluto 2.0. The company is known for offering good value for money, especially with its inflatable tents. At the heart of Westfield-Outdoors is a wide range of products tailored to meet the needs of campers of all ages and interests. Whether you are going on a weekend camping trip or a day hike. Westfield camping products such as chairs, tables and mobile camping coolers also find their daily use on the seasonal or permanent camping pitch. From air tents and sleeping bags to outdoor cooking accessories, Westfield offers a wide range of air tents and camping accessories.

Why buy a Westfield awning online?

Whether caravans, camper vans, motorhomes or camping buses - the brand has a suitable Westfield inflatable awning for everyone. With the Westfield Orion 2.0, the VW California and other camping bus enthusiasts (Marco Polo) also have a suitable Westfield awning on offer. The Orion air awning was also revised again by Westfield in 2024, with the new edition as the Orion 2.0 travel air awning. Westfield also has the solution for particularly high motorhomes with the Neptune 2.0 luxury liner air awning with a lower edge height of up to 320 cm, the air tent also fits most high motorhomes and motorhomes from Carthago, Morelo, Niesmann + Bischoff, Concorde! Westfield awning experience and customer feedback have led to a number of innovations and improvements in the Westfield inflatable awning series. Every camper can recognise the new generation of Westfield air awning by the number 2.0 at the end of the model name.

Westfield is constantly improving its camping tents to give every camper the best possible camping and outdoor experience. The Eris Premium air annex is compatible with 6 different air awnings, which is unique to this brand. Westfield is also focusing on air awnings online shop for 2024, such as the Kari awning for caravans. The highlight is that you only need a straight piping rail of 280 cm and have 400 cm of sun canopy area at the front. (trapezoidal) The air sun canopy can also be extended with side and front walls to provide protection even in strong sunshine and bad weather. Are you planning your next holiday in the south and are travelling for longer than 2 weeks? Then the Westfield Galaxy 2.0 is the awning of your choice. The side and front walls are made of Mehler AirTex and the roof is made of TenCate awning material. High-quality breathable materials are used for the fully retractable Galaxy air awning. The Galaxy 2.0 inflatable awning is also manufactured in Germany. TenCate is manufactured in Holland and Mehler in Germany and stands for durability and breathability. In other words, a pleasant indoor climate!Are you looking for inflatable air awnings from the Westfield range and quickly get confused? We have summarised the top Westfield tents here. We have also summarised a short version of the features:

  • Westfield Galaxy 2.0 caravan full awning / Depth 250 cm / Made in Germany / Body height 240-260 / circumference dimensions 946 - 1085 
    Westfield Pluto 2.0 caravan full awning / depth 250 cm / body height 240-260 / circumference dimensions 911 - 11120
    Westfield Pluto XL 2.0 caravan full awning / depth 300cm / body height 240-260 / circumference dimensions 911 - 1085
    Westfield Orion 2.0 motorhome, camper van, camper van partial awning / height 180-270 
    Westfield Neptun 2.0 motorhome, camper van, camper van partial awning / height 240-320 
    Westfield Vega 2.0 motorhome Partial awning / height 260-285

Material is important - Westfield Air Awning Online Shop

Westfield uses various special materials for its inflatable tents to produce the right sun canopy or Westfield air awning for almost any camping period. According to the brand, the Westfield Premium series air tent uses the specially developed HydroTech CottonTouch, which is breathable and UV-stable. The material used by Westfield is suitable for camping holidays of up to 6 weeks. The Westfield Premium Light series uses a HydroTech Ripstop material, which is lighter and is aimed at travelling campers. Those who are travelling for 1-2 weeks and want to change campsites frequently. Despite the lightweight fabric, Westfield uses a spinneret-dyed material to reduce UV fading, according to Westfield. The Hydro SL series uses a lightweight polyester fabric, ideal for those who only have a small payload and need to save weight.

Westfield inflatable awnings - AAS-System

Westfield uses the AAS system (Advanced Air System) for its air tents. You can inflate the entire tent from one point, so you don't have to constantly reconnect the pump to a valve. The air hoses are 3-layered to prevent the risk of overpressurisation or bursting.

Westfield air Awnings - Since 2008 in Germany

For what feels like an eternity, every camper has been able to experience Westfield air tents and camping accessories live at many trade fairs in Europe and especially in Germany, such as the Caravansalon Düsseldorf or CMT Stuttgart. At CMT 2024 we were so enthusiastic about the newly revised 2.0 air tent series that we decided to open our Westfield online shop in 2024. Also as a perfect alternative to Kampa or Dometic air awnings.  Any camper who is interested in Westfield awnings and Westfield air awning accessories can get more serious & individual advice & help from VORZELTE PROFIS on 06181-257350 or by email.