Walker Vorzelte - Qualität Made in Holland since 1954

Walker Campingstyle BV has been around since 1954. In the beginning, it wasn't just camping awnings that were made for camping. Tents of all kinds were also sold, developed and produced for various purposes. Thus, the company is one of the first manufacturers of camping awnings in Holland, which can look back on such a long development and experience in awnings. Dianne and Ivo van Baars run the company as a successful family company. They produce their quality awnings in the Netherlands with great attention to detail and a high quality standard.

1995 marks another milestone of Walker awnings from Holland From 1995

Walker awnings focused exclusively on the production and sale of awnings. The many years of know-how of all Walker employees paid off when you bought some special machines and tools. With this investment, Walker Campingstyle made a huge leap forward in the camping market. So it was only a matter of time that you quickly made a name for yourself with the campers who value high quality at affordable prices. It is not surprising that you can see these high-quality awnings more and more on campsites in Holland and Europe. Walker pays a lot of attention to the use of high-quality materials for the awning production, they use TenCate All Season, Sioen PVC, Achilles window foils and YKK quality zippers, Velcro straps and binding tapes are just a few of the brands used.

Walker Air Awnings 

Air tents from Walker, Walker has 1 model on offer here: The Palace travel air tent, which is available in sizes 360 and 400. The roof and walls are made of 300 D polyester. There are also versions for Bürstner Averso & Premio Plus caravans which are known as particularly high caravans with double drop-down beds.

Walker seasonal and longstay camping awnings and sun canopies

Pole awnings are in demand here. Whether with steel, aluminum or glass fiber poles, most Walker awnings are available. Only branded poles from Piper and Campion are used here. You can also order most of the Walker awnings online for the Eriba Nova, Triango Silver caravan models and also for the high Bürstner Averso & Premio Plus caravans. These awnings work with high-quality tent fabric from TenCate or Sion PVC.

Awnings - special and custom made by Walker

The big advantage of Walker is its flexibility and its production in Holland. Special customer requests can also be addressed here. Walker has developed models especially for special caravans in order to achieve an optimal fit and standing height, after all you want to enjoy camping and your Walker awning for a long time. The Touring-Plus was specially designed for the Eriba Touring and Triango Silver. For the T @ B 320 and 400 the T @ B awning and a Walker Sunflex 320 and 400 awning were manufactured. Special awnings with ALU poles were produced for Adria. For the Adria Action 341/361 you will find the action awning, for the Adria Action 391 PD / PH-LH the Action 391 awning. There is also an air sun canopy here, the Sunflexx Action 341/361. It continues with the Kip Kompakt, Kip Vison and also for the Kip Shelter there is a suitable awning in aluminum poles which is very popular with all Dutch campers. Not to be forgotten is a walker awning for Knaus Sport & Fun.

Inexpensive Walker winter awnings and porch awnings

In addition to the well-known stand versions of Walker's winter tents, they also offer winter tents for tall caravans such as the Bürstner Averso Plus and Premio Plus and other caravans with high welt rails.

Anyone looking for a suitable awning for their caravan is guaranteed to find it at Walker. If you do not find the right circulation measure or if you are between circulation dimensions, we can help you. If your caravan is older than 10 years and you cannot find the right awning size, there is the option of a custom-made product. Place your caravan straight on a flat surface. Take a non-stretchable cord (mason cord) and measure the circumference as described for Walker awnings.

14 reasons why you should buy a Walker awning online:

  1. Edging: The entire Walker awning is provided with a water-repellent waistband
  2. Fixed corner brackets: easy to set up and extra stability
  3. Mud Flaps: From extra strong 450 gr / sqm
  4. YKK zippers, Velcro and binding tapes: Super-strong zips and tapes in high quality ensure a long use for many years
  5. Triangle: Also suitable for aerodynamic caravans
  6. Windows: Walker uses only quality window from Achilles from Japan, which is known as a very light and easy-to-clean windows
  7. Walker Easy Logs storm clips: For attaching the Walker storm straps
  8. Walker Logo storm straps: Extra strong straps can be ordered separately
  9. Wind and wheel arch covers included: special designs on request
  10. Walker Easy Door: perfect fit and replaceable front walls
  11. Walker accessory bag: High-quality bag for storing pegs, ladders and all accessories
  12. Easy-Setup Lock Pads: Simply attach the roof poles to the caravan without screwing in eyelets
  13. Made in Holland: High quality and fast complaint processing guaranteed
  14. Seams: All seams are high-quality swelling seams that guarantee a long and tight life

Large selection of attractive top awnings from Vorzelte Profis

At Vorzelte Profis you will find interesting awnings from Walker, which are available in many colors and models. The top awnings include the T @ b awning, Touring-Plus, Palace air tent and the Pioneer. Every camper will find the right awning for their caravan from Walker. Whether Eriba Nova, Bürstner, Hobby, Tabbert, Adria, L.M.C Fendt or Weinsberg Depending on the model, the fabrics are made of different materials such as TenCate, PVC, nylon or polyester. Some winter awnings are provided with 28mm steel frames. Take a look at the great selection now. If you value good and honest advice on caravan awnings and would like to order a Walker awning online, professionals are in the best hands with awnings. With over 11,745 reviews, you can safely order here.