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Sun roofs and sun canopies for caravans, camper van, motorhomes and camping

A beautiful sunny day on the campsite - you sit completely relaxed in the shade under your caravan sunroof. A cold drink of your choice and enjoy your well-earned leisure time. You are enjoying the play of light and shade under the sun canopy. The children are safe to play under the sun protection. This immediately creates a holiday mood in our heads. A perfect day on your camping holiday could look like this. But first we want to give the camping interested an overview of the history and the advantages of an awning sun canopy and awning sail for camping by Vorzelte-Profis and the report should also serve as purchase advice:

  • History of sun canopies
  • What is the difference between awning sunroof and sun canopies for caravans or motorhomes?
  • How do I attach a sunroof to an awning when camping?

Shape and size of sunroofs

The sun canopies are probably the oldest way in which people protect themselves from the sun and its rays. Among the inventors of sun protection and sails are the Romans, who already equipped the famous Colusseum in Rome with a huge sun sail to protect the public from the sun and also wind and rain. Today camping sunroofs are more popular than ever, protect from the sun, the dangerous UV rays and provide pleasant cool shade. Whether at the North or Baltic Sea, in Spain or Croatia and at the local dredging lake, the sun canopies simply belongs to camping.

Differences between awning sun canopies and a sunroof?

Sun awnings are basically only tensioned with ropes or straps, these usually have one or more fixed points on e.g. a house wall or a caravan and are then tensioned with ropes to a tree or a post. Camping awnings are inserted directly into the keder rail of the caravan or into the keder of the awning of the motorhome. However, a solution using adapters is also possible for a camper van such as the California or Marco Polo. There are fully retracted sun canopies, partially retracted sun canopies or Campooz sun canopys with a triple lane system. An awning sun canopy is pulled into an existing awning in a piping. Here you gain additional space and shade in the awning. Please note, however, that not all campsites have this much space. It is best to find out in advance how large the pitch is. There are also numerous accessories such as side walls and front walls to protect against wind and weather.

Awning pegs or Wurmis for my sun canopy?

This also depends on the surface you are standing on with your camper. If it is a normal lawn, simple pegs are enough. But if you want a firm and tidy stand, then the Wurmis are clearly recommended. We recommend the Pavillon Wurmi Set here. Also a use of the storm safety belts (Safe Locks) is not to be neglected, which is also available with a universal adapter. They attach the universal adapter to the pin of the sunroof. For this you need a universal adapter package + 1 Safe Lock package for 2 mandrels.

Sun canopies & sun sails are suitable for camper vans, caravans and buses, as well as motorhomes. They have few poles and can be assembled quickly and safely in just a few simple steps. But in the favourite camping season in summer, one is also sometimes quite happy about shade and the pleasant coolness that such a sunroof also provides. Theoretically, a sunshade or a cloth as a sun sail is enough, but this is not the right solution for camping. Children can play in the shade without the fear of sunburn. If you want all-round protection from the sun and wind, you should also buy additional side walls for your sun canopy. You an attach from your caravan or awning a quality sun sail such as the Dorema Ten Cate sun canopies with a zipper or the beading for the awning.

Who would like to use only a sun roof without an awning, may choose with Vorzelte Profis between Panorama, Mondial, Vario and 3 other variants. But if you sun canopies in addition to your Dorema full air awning or awning, we recommend the Palma and Pagoda with Locarno Plus. Only high-quality Ten Cate awning material is used here. This is garment is UV-stable and also stands out due to its long service life and breathability. Also you can recognize a good sun canopy by the fact that it is delivered with high-quality poles also in light Aluminium. If you want to save time, use EasyGrip speed lock clamps. The Palma awning sun canopy in combination with the full air awning Maribor Air All Season or Horizon Air All Season, is the non Plus Ultra for camping at the moment. One of the most sold and popular fully retracted inflatable awnings on the European camping market. The highest demand for this combination is in Germany and the UK followed by Austria and Switzerland.

But also every Dorema Pesident awning, Garda, Royal and Ibiza can be used with this quality sun protection. The sun canopy is connected to the awning by a double beading. Here in the sun canopies  online shop you will also find numerous accessories for your Dorema sun roofs such as side walls, front walls but also poles in Aluminium and steel. Shop camping sun canopies online from Vorzelte-Profis is very easy. We offer you many customer-friendly payment methods and also a detailed consultation with pleasure.

Vorzelte-Profis Conclusion: Camping sun canopies & sun roofs are a cost-effective and inexpensive alternative to an awning or sunblind. A good sun canopy is flexible and can also be equipped with side walls and a front wall. This may replace an awning and save a lot of money.