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Scoprega Bravo - Electric air pumps and hand pumps

Scoprega Bravo has been supplying all types of pumps to the marine and outdoor sectors since 1964. The products and especially the pumps have been continuously developed to meet the requirements of our customers. Meanwhile the range has been extended to foot and hand pumps and electric pumps. The pumps are manufactured in Northern Italy, which guarantees sufficient European quality and no problems as with cheap China imports. 

Scoprega Bravo - the electric air pump for camping sitesz

Scoprega Bravo's electric air pumps are the most reliable electric pumps for your air tent. If you are looking for a reliable electric pump, you have found your electric air pump for your Air Awnings here. This means: pumping up and down in the shortest possible time. It is important that the electric air pump works and does not have to be recharged after a single pump. The electric pumps from Scoprega Bravo can be described as super fast and extremely durable. It is supplied in a padded carrying bag with 2 compartments. Cables and hoses are separated from the pump. This is perfect for camping, water sports and any type of leisure activity where air is needed to inflate and pump quickly and reliably. 

Scoprega Bravo - clever functions for electric pumps

The electric pumps are equipped with a reliable automatic switch-off, which protects against too much pressure during inflation. It is very easy to set the pressure on the pump itself and it switches off automatically when the pressure is reached. This is perfect for a Dorema air tent. The electric pumps can not only inflate, but also vacuum. If the battery of your Scoprega Bravo pump needs juice again, it can be connected to the normal house mains with 220 V, a 110 V power source, a 12 V DC cigarette lighter or directly to the battery of your car or boat.

Bravo pumps - versatile use also in sports

Whether air tents, air mattresses, inflatable boats, subs, stand up paddle boards or kayaks. Many Bravo pumps are used here. Whether electric pump or hand pump with Bravo you buy quality! If you are looking for a long-lasting pump, you are in good hands here. At VORZELTE PROFIS you can not only buy electric pumps online. You can also find Air Awnings, Camping Accessories and heated seat cushions in the online shop.