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Scoprega Bravo - GE 21 - Electric Air Pump

Item number: SCRPG-ELPMP-GE 21

Scoprega Bravo - Electric Air Pump - GE21 - Reliability and long life Guaranteed !!
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Scoprega Bravo - GE 21 - Electric Air Pump

Scoprega Bravo - GE 21 - Electric Air Pump - Super fast and extremely long-winded, this is how the electric pump GE 21 by Scoprega can be described. If you are looking for a reliable electric pump, you have found your electric Air pump for your awning here. We use this electric air pump from Bravo at all camping fairs to demonstrate our inflatable Dorema air awnings. This means: pumping up and down and a short time. For us it is important that the electric air pump also works and does not need to be recharged after pumping up again. We can fill up to 7 Dorema air awnings with one battery charge! With this pump you can possibly even help a camping neighbor with an awning and provide air, which quickly creates new friends.

The reliable electric pump by Bravo has automatic shutdown for your required pressure, so you never have any problems inflating the inflatable tent too much and bursting the hoses. You simply set the appropriate pressure on the pump itself and it turns off automatically when the pressure is reached. Not only can you inflate your inflatable air tent, no, a battery charge is enough for kayak, SUP board, kite, dinghy, air mattress, bicycle & Co. If the built-in battery is low, you can connect it to a 220 V power source or to a Connect 12V DC cigarette lighter, charge the battery and inflate other items at the same time.

The electric Pump has a very high efficiency, since it is equipped with a double cylinder. The electric pump GE 21 can inflate and suction. And in a time that other pump manufacturers only dream of. The el. Pump from Bravo achieves a maximum pressure of 1.5 bar (22.0 PSI). You need an inflation pressure of 0.7 bar with your Dorema air tent. Most air awnings are perfect and stable in 5 - 7 minutes with this electric air pump. The el. Pump have a small pack size and weighs only 3.5 kg. It comes in a padded carry case with 2 compartments. Thus, cables and hoses are housed separately from the pump. This is perfect for camping, water sports and any kind of recreational activity where air is needed to inflate quickly and reliably. The Scoprega G 21 pump has a very high quality and is manufactured in northern Italy in the tranquil Cassano d'Adda near Milan.

Why buy online? Because here they get a perfect electric air pump for their awnings & Co and a high quality is guaranteed here. If you are looking for it, you should order the Bravo GE21 electric pump here online. Cheap electric air pumps do NOT provide the required pressure of 0.7 bar and are quickly broken !!! Also ideal for inflatable inflatable boats, SUP boards, kites and kayaks.

  • No cheap china goods
  • Made in northern Italy
  • Double cylinder without relays and microswitches
  • Portable, high-efficiency, low-noise electric air pump
  • Large pressure range selectable
  • Air volume flow: 125 l / min
  • Maximum pressure: 1.5 bar (22.0 PSI)
  • easy-to-use pressure setting
  • Power consumption: 9A max.
  • automatic shutdown
  • Standard connection 12V cigarette lighter
  • Pack size: 22 x 32 x 22 cm (with bag)
  • LED status display
  • Weight: 3,5 kg
  • Integrated 12V DC battery
  • Rechargeable cigarette lighter / standard 110-240 AC / DC adapter
  • Charging time with completely empty battery: 8 hours
  • Equipped with crocodile clips for. direct connection 12V batteries

This will be send on your online order of the Scoprega Bravo electric air pump GE 21:

  • Bravo electric air pump GE 21:
  • Robust hose
  • Valve connections for the most common valves
  • Power connection for 220 / 230V-house connection
  • Power connection for 110V
  • Adapter
  • 12V cigarette lighter connection
  • Crocodile clips connect to 12V battery
  • padded carrying bag