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Winter awnings & winter tents for camping

Winter awnings are exposed to completely different stresses than a normal camping awning, which is only used in summer. Winter awnings are also used as year-round tents. Here, stability against winter storms and high snow loads is required. It should be able to be used as a sluice, storage room and recreation tent. We have put together a winter awning purchase consultation for you:

Winter awning purchase advice: How to find the right winter awning for your requirements!

Contents of the purchase guide for winter awnings:

  • Winter awnings from poles to air hoses
  • When is the best time to buy a winter awning?
  • What does a good winter tent cost?
  • That's what winter tents are all about
  • The right size and body height for your vehicle
  • The right care for winter awnings

The right thing for every winter camper: winter awnings from poles to air hoses

It provides ample space for camping furniture, ski boots and winter sports equipment such as skis and sledges. These winter tents can be purchased online with ALU or steel poles in 25-30 mm. You can also often see air tents during winter camping. Some things speak for inflatable awnings, for a short vacation an air tent is no problem. In wet snow, high snow load, however, it can already come to problems. For longer stays we recommend a winter awning with poles. High snow loads, winter storms are no problem for a winter camping tent.

Timing is everything: When is the best time to buy a winter awning?

A fundamental question often arises for all campers: When should I buy a winter tent, how much do I have to spend? Don't worry, with VORZELTE PROFIS you always get cheap winter awnings for winter camping. You can also find reduced offers for winter tents and year-round tents in our Sale section. But here it says: The early bird catches the worm!

Winter awning price comparison: What does a good winter awning cost?

How much do you have to spend on a winter tent? They range from a few hundred euros for Obelink to a few thousand euros for the top models from Dorema, Inaca winter tents, Isabella, DWT and Brandt. The following factors are decisive: the construction and, above all, the materials and poles used. In a winter awning for a few days in winter, the weather resistance and snow load do not play a major role. For longer winter camping, the price plays a role in quality and longevity. High-quality materials are not without reason more expensive and better.

Protection from cold, storms, rain and snow: this is important:

How do you know if a winter tent is suitable? This question can basically be answered by these characteristics during winter camping:

  • Protection from cold
  • Protection from storm and snow
  • Snow load and stability

Protection from cold: which material is suitable here?

Polyester PVC, PVA TenCate and Sauleda Acrylic are the most commonly used materials for winter awnings; they are still flexible at minus 40°C. This is particularly important when rolling up windows and tent fabric. However, Inaca relies on special thermal roofs for insulation in the ceiling.

Protection from storm, snow and rain: What is a winter pole

A winter set is a set of components that are added to the linkage.

Snow load and stability: what do you need?

  • Winter poles with a higher wall thickness can absorb a higher snow load. Depending on the construction and quality of the poles.
  • Additional poles provide greater stability in a winter storm and a lot of snow, especially in wet snow.
  • Offset roofs with inclination (pent roof), here the caravan door opens without problems and the roof can carry a higher snow load due to the bent shape. 

What else is important with a good winter awning?

A good winter awning should have thick cushions on the sides, which are sealed with pressure poles. Draughts and rain have no chance. Zippers should be covered so that they cannot freeze. The tent should have 2 entrance doors, as snowdrifts can block one side of the winter tent. Winter tents should have a longer mud flap (the end strip on the awning), so the Awnings may be sealed with snow instead of Wurmis oder tent pegs. For winter camping we recommend water protection tarpauling.  

How do I know if my winter tent fits my vehicle?

The height of the winter tent: The standard piping rail sits at 235 - 255 cm at a caravan. For some higher caravans such as Bürstner Premio Plus, Averso Plus, Hobby Landhaus, the height can also be 275 cm. We recommend the Alpes 350 XL, which goes up to 275 cm. The length of its straight channel rail decides how long the winter tent may be. With a straight line of 350 cm you cannot put a 400 cm wide winter awning!

What is the best way to maintain my winter tent?

Depending on the material, there are different care tips for some tents. If you cook in a winter tent, you should remove the fat as far as possible before putting the awning back together again. Here we would recommend an extra kitchen tents. Normal stains such as dirt or cream can be removed with warm water and a tent cleaner. Please do not use any hard cleaning utensils. Here you could damage the coating especially with TenCate and Acyl. Further care tips can be found in our service area.

Information and convenient ordering from Vorzelte Profis

The online shop Vorzelte Profis offers a suitable winter awning for every demand and budget. Let yourself be inspired by our large selection or find your dream winter tent directly via our search function, which will give you a quick overview of our large range of winter awnings and year-round tents. Discover now your tent that will accompany you the next 10 - 20 years with your wonderful winter camping holidays.

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