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Caravans have been around for almost 100 years now, quickly finding many enthusiasts who want to go on holiday with their loved ones or family and spend a few nice days, weeks or months a year. Later, the first awnings were brought onto the market, mostly pure cotton heavyweights that would no longer be used today as they were simply too heavy and impractical. The tent industry continues to evolve and so do the needs of our camping friends, nowadays you need a breathable, UV stable tent that is also lightweight. Everything is evolving and so are the attachments for our beloved awning, from Quicklock pads to pegs and wormies, fix-ons and other ways of attaching the tent to the caravan.

Classic pegs or Wurmi screw pegs

Pegs - The method of pegging that has been used since camping began, there is nothing wrong with it. It works but is very tedious on stony ground, here there is a remedy with Wumi.
Wurmi screw pegs - quick and easy, the solution for every camper who wants to make life a little easier when setting up, stony ground? No problem, just pre-drill and screw in the screw peg with a cordless screwdriver. Tensioning has never been so easy! With the Wurmi awning set you are ready for your next holiday, be it stony ground in Croatia or the beautiful green spaces in Holland. You always have everything you need for fastening ready in your Wurmi set.

Storm straps

Have you ordered your dream awning or are you still deciding which one is right for you? At Vorzelte-Profis you will find the right tent for everyone. Please note that whether you order a winter tent with extra thick steel poles or an air tent, you will always need the appropriate storm straps. Even if you always camp in fine weather we always recommend the use of storm straps as they are indispensable if the weather should change. This way the tent will stand securely in a storm. Even if you leave the campsite, you don't have to worry about anything happening to your favourite tent, because you've taken care of that when it's properly secured with the right storm straps.

Quick Lock Pads / Roof Pole Adapters

Every tent manufacturer has its own attachment options, whether they are drilled or only attached with clips. Dorema uses the Quick Lock Pads, which do not need to be drilled, but are attached by a piping strip. Inaca has the same system with the Fix-On.
Please note that for some brands, such as Hobby and Hobby, there are special Hobby/Knaus Quick Lock Pads instead of the universal Quick Locks.

Double keder strip

We also offer our customers a 105 cm double piping strip to connect your awning with a sun canopy.

Quick release

The EasyGrip quick release is available in different strengths, with which you can tension the poles of your Dorema awning in no time at all, without breaking a sweat. You only have to look for the correct thickness of your poles (22mm, 25mm, 28mm). Please note if you have a steel or aluminium pole as there are different EasyGrip quick release skewers.
There are also pole tensioner guns, once used you will never want to pitch a tent without this little helper. Simply apply the pole tensioner gun and the poles are tensioned in a few simple steps.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or simply call us on 06181-257350. Our team will be happy to help you.