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Outchair - Innovative & heatable seat covers, cushions for camping and outdoor use

The Outchair brand has for some time been the specialist for innovative & heatable seat covers, cushions for camping and outdoor use. Silke Niedzwetzki and Oliver Mossmann got the idea for the Outchair products through their great connection to sports in nature. When paragliding on a fresh summer morning, it got very cool below. When asked if there was no heating pad with battery, all paragliders answered no! This is how the idea was born for a heatable mobile seat cover called Outchair.

Outchair - No more cold buttocks / backs

What can worsen the mood in camping and outdoor areas more than having a cold bottom and back? Wet and damp Camping furniture in awnings are not pleasant to sit on. There must be a way to make the time you spend outdoors a little more beautiful and longer and not depend on the weather conditions as well. The model for this idea was the seat heating in the car, which is suitable for everyday use. There was a long way to go until the actual realization. The first Outchair product had the curious name Rumpwarmer.

Product diversity and innovative progress

In the meantime, many other Outchair products have been equipped with powerful heating levels, which increase the range of use of the heatable seat cushion. The Outchair Heat Pad should be mentioned here. It can be rolled up and stored perfectly in any bag. It is always the best companion for all spontaneous outdoor activities such as open air events, concerts, football matches, hunting and in the marquee. You'll find more and more fans at every garden party. All Outchair products are water-repellent and can be used on wet or snow-covered seats. The Outchair Powerbank can be used to rechargemobile phones, tablets etc.. The Powerbank can also be ordered online as an extra.

Outchair Dogwarmer - worldwide first mobile heatable blanket for dogs

For our four-legged friends Outchair offers the Dogwarmer. The Outchair Dogwarmer is the world's first mobile heatable dog blanket and is therefore an innovation from Outchair. Lying on cold floors, especially for older dogs, is now a thing of the past. This saves your dog from severe bladder infections or bone diseases. The Outchair Dogwarmer can be used on journeys and at home and is also easy to clean by hand.

Infrared heating elements from Outchair

The infrared heating elements create a sufficient healthy feeling of warmth. The Outchair heating pads work in a range from 7µm to 15µm, which corresponds exactly to the range of our human body and is therefore harmless. According to the latest findings, the well-known far infrared has many positive influences on the vitality of humans.

VORZELTE PROFIS - Your online shop for high-quality heated seat cushions from Outchair

In the shop we offer you a selection from the well-known Outchair collection, from which you can choose the right heating seat to suit your individual sensation. Among other things, you can choose the Outchair Stadium Seat for visits to football stadiums or concerts. The Outchair Seat Cover is perfect for all common garden and camping chairs. The handy Heat Pads are ideal as companions, and also fit in your handbag. Your four-legged friend will love the Outchair Dogwarmer. All Outchair products provide a warm bottom and back in winter.