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Miru-Tec water protection tarpaulins - Quality made in Germany

Water protection tarpaulins are practical underlays for the awning that protect against mud and water during heavy rainfall. Miru-Tec impresses with the highest quality both in materials and workmanship.
Due to the 8 cm high air chambers incorporated in the tarpaulins, which can all be inflated individually, and the extra strong 0.4 mm PVC foil, there is no need to worry about moisture entering the awning.
Thanks to the hard-wearing PVC film, which is also manufactured in Germany, Miru-Tec water protection tarpaulins can withstand the stresses of a normal floor without any problems. For harder surfaces, such as gravel or gravel, we recommend the underlay of a pond fleece which can be purchased in all DIY stores. This ensures the longevity of the water protection tarpaulin.

Sizes perfectly adapted to your awning

The Miru-Tec water protection tarpaulins are available in all common awning sizes. In our VORZELE-PROFIS Online Shop all sizes are in stock. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone.
Simply call us at +49 6181 / 257350. We will be glad to help you!
After inflating the Miru-Tec water protection tarpaulins have the ideal size to fill the complete size of your awning.
Thanks to the side wall closure, the tarpaulins ideally close the gap between tent and caravan. Finally, you don't have to worry about getting wet.


Installation of the water protection tarpaulin 

After everything is set up on the campground, the awning is tensioned and the preparation of the water protection tarpaulin begins. If the ground is free of sharp objects and stones, the tarpaulin is laid out directly. Otherwise it is advisable to place a protective tarpaulin underneath.
After laying out the tarpaulin, we recommend that you inflate all chambers that are NOT in the entrance. These can then be inflated quickly in the event of a rain shower to prevent moisture from entering.

Should your water protection tarpaulin ever have a hole, do not worry. The tarpaulin can be quickly repaired with standard PVC adhesive and the supplied strips. The emergency solution is to stick armoured tape in strips on the defect.

Miru-Tec stands for the following features:

  • Good quality
  • Various inflatable air chambers
  • Air chambers height 8cm
  • No strong chemical odor
  • German manufacturing