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Lightweight tents

You need more space when camping and have, like everyone, a weight limit or are already overloaded? Then you should think about a lightweight awning for camping. These lightweight travel awnings can be set up quickly and are only pulled in in the straight line of the keder and then set up on your vehicle and tied down. So they quickly have more space for camping and even in rain, strong sunlight and wind they are always protected from the elements. The light travel awnings are available as poles awnings or as air awnings to inflate. This type of awning is very light, can be erected in less than 10 minutes and is suitable even for beginners. The Dorema Mistral All Season is a child's play to set up, and the Mistral Air All Season variant with air is also ideal for this awning.  Especially if you are at different places and campsites for short camping times, you have chosen the right awning. Here you will find comprehensive information about this type of awning:

Here is a brief overview of the advantages of lightweight tents:

Suitable for:

  • Short to medium-term standing times
  • Frequent change of location


  • Very light
  • Small packing size
  • Fast assembly and disassembly
  • Simple equipment
  • Favourable price-performance ratio

Which material is recommended?

The tent fabric should dry quickly during a weekend trip and should not be too thick or heavy. A thick fabric would only be a hindrance when packing and would have more weight than a light fabric. Here we from VORZELTE PROFIS recommend  lightweight awnings made of polyester or nylon. PVC would be much too heavy here, the camping awning manufacturers use that for in season, winter awnings or permanent camper awnings. The very best choice here is TenCate material it's not only light, the packing size isn't too big either. The lightweight awnings with TenCate have a long UV stability, which in turn affects the price-performance ratio. A nylon material is also used by some camping awning companies. This is where Asian fabrics and producers come in. However, these travel and lightweight tents are rather intended for a few weekends or 1-2 weeks a year for camping. Here with constant UV irradiation it can come to damages. After the fabric has faded, it starts to tear because it becomes brittle. Inaca offers the inflatable air tent Atmosphere 300 with Ten Cate Ripstop for all air tent lovers. This is especially light, UV stable and breathable.    

Do I need an indoor sky for a travel awning?

Lightweight awnings require an indoor sky if the awning is made of nylon or PVC because the fabric is not breathable and does not absorb moisture. A drop in temperature can lead to a so-called stalactite cave. Moisture collects at the coldest point in the lightweight tent, which is usually found in the roof. The situation is different with a TenCate or acrylic material, where the fabric absorbs the moisture and slowly releases it again. Especially in the south the high-quality TenCate is recommended. However, for cosmetic reasons you can still use the indoor sky to have a uniform image on the tent ceiling. You will also find further camping accessories in our shop.

Lightweight and travel tents for caravans and motorhomes

Pay attention to the height of your piping rail on the caravan or the height of the piping of the awning of your motorhome or caravan. If you want to insert the light travel awning directly into the piping of the awning, you need a piping thickness of 5 mm, for the caravan piping a thickness of 7 mm. There are some lightweight tents with 2 piping each. (Inaca Atmosphere 350 Air Awning) You can connect the travel tent to the keder of the awning and also to the normal keder. Make sure that you have at least 10 cm space under the piping in a travel tent with air. With some vehicles this is not ensured due to the door! If you have any questions you can contact us by mail or phone +49-(0)6181-257350. We from Vorzelte Profis will be happy to help you.

Stand times and camping duration - even longer than a weekend

Since most travel and lightweight tents are extremely light, they are not intended for long periods of standing or holidays. But depending on the material and design, these travel tents can also be used for a 4-week camping holiday in Croatia or Spain. Here we would recommend air tents like the Dorema Magnum Air Force All Season or the Air Tent Inaca 400. Also one should not underestimate the UV radiation when camping in the south. Here TenCate is suitable, because of its UV resistance, its low weight and its long durability.