INACA, founded 1974 in sunny Spain

For over 50 years, the awning manufacturer has been supplying absolutely high-quality awnings to campers all over Europe. INACA is a family business from Barcelona. The company strives to create a product of the highest quality without neglecting the design. Comments and suggestions from camping friends are collected and passed on to the development department. This process guarantees that all INACA awnings are always state of the art. In July 2019 we had the opportunity to visit the company at its production site in Barcelona. We were impressed by the production and the pleasant working conditions for all employees. Especially during the sewing and final assembly of the awnings, where a lot of weight is moved, a special rail system reminiscent of package transport was developed to keep the physical strain on the seamstresses as low as possible. We were impressed! During the guided tour through the production with Sergio Sanchez, one of the owners of Inaca, we learned a lot of new things that will also help us a lot in our daily customer service. What was very impressive for us, was that Inaca could produce a complete awning in one day. Here are some pictures of the production and design department:    

Inaca Produktion Spanien



Complete camping awning assortment

The awning brand offers high-quality tents for camping, awnings for caravans, mobile homes. Whether high-quality awnings with poles or also modern, light Air Awnings. Here every camper who sets value on high-quality workmanship will find the right and suitable awning. Even for the most extreme conditions, especially in the south by the sea with sun, wind and extreme UV radiation and in the mountains with snow and even storm can be found. Even in winter, Inaca has high-quality winter awnings that have proven themselves in Skaninavia under extreme snow loads.

High quality production - Made in Spain

90% of the awnings are produced by Inca in Spain / Barcelona itself, where only high quality awning fabrics are used, such as TenCate, Sauleda acrylic and the best and most durable PVC. The product design has a lot of attention to detail and brought INACA to the top of Spanish camping and also to the top five of the European camping world. The steel rods are supplied by Campion from Denmark, so they meet the high European standards. If you want to convince yourself of the quality of the brand, you should visit one of the numerous camping fairs. Inaca is the European leader in the following awning categories:  

  • Kitchen tents
  • Equipment tents
  • Canopy tents
  • Winter awnings up to 275 cm installation height
  • Air tents up to 315 mounting height  

INACA Kitchen tents - pleasant cooking

What should a kitchen tent be able to do - it should be practical, comfortable, multifunctional and above all resistant. It should also have a standing height of more than 195 cm. The high-quality INACA kitchen tents meet all these requirements. No more complicated preparation of meals in a camper van or awning. With these field kitchens you are free of unpleasant smells and fats in the awning. For all Inaca models, the best PVC and high durability are guaranteed. Grease can be easily removed with a fat-soluble cleaner. Some of the kitchen and appliance tents have a gauze window and a rotting free PVC rotting strip. Almost all cooking tents have washable curtains. The Arosa kitchen tent, , for example, is large enough to accommodate unannounced visitors and to store unneeded Camping furniture

INACA winter awnings - protection & safety, not only for the winter time

Many camper friends are also enthusiastic about winter or year-round camping. Here the right winter awning that protects from wind and snow should not be neglected. INACA winter awnings are very stable, weather-resistant and robust to withstand extreme weather conditions. The roofs are reinforced and inclined to withstand heavy snow loads, snow can slip better, water can run off in heavy rain. Partly high-quality 280gr/qm heavy TenCate is used in the roof cladding! The winter camper is also pleased that the Inaca winter tents have mosquito nets or gauze windows on the side elements, which also ensures a pleasant climate in the winter tent. The flagship of the Inaca winter tents the Alpes is available in 2 versions and in the sizes 320, 380 and 420 cm. But Inaca now also has an answer for winter camping with high caravans and campers such as Averso Plus, Premiuo Plus, Hobby Landhaus and Dethlefs C Go. The Inaca Alpes Azur XL which fits up to a keder height of 275. For this height there is also an air tent, the Inaca Atmosphere 350 which fits up to a keder height of 315 cm also for high motorhomes

INACA Canopy awnings - versatile in use

Awning tents are very popular with campers because of their versatility and rapid erection speed. Thanks to their quick assembly, the awning tents have an advantage over the classic awning tents, especially in the case of frequent campers. They serve as a simple living space extension and create a lot of space in addition to the motorhome or caravan and offer protection from sun, wind and rain. Thanks to the modular construction of the awning tents and especially the Dynamic Canopy awning, you can adapt to your individual needs. Thus 50 cm and 100 cm front wall elements and numerous accessories are available. INACA has made 4 videos available to help you assemble the tent, explaining the assembly step by step. With awning heights of 220 - 305 cm, most of the installation heights are covered. The great quality feature compared to other brands is the 190 gr/qm TenCate RipStop material used for the Inaca awning tents. It is light, extremely robust, UV stable and stands for many years of camping pleasure. Due to the TenCate fabric used, these awnings are extremely light and thus save weight and create a pleasant indoor climate as they absorb moisture and slowly release it again.