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Family tents - The best companion for all camping holidays with friends & family

The family tent is a larger freestanding camping tent that is expandable at best and should offer enough space for at least a family of 3. Camping in a family tent is the most fun with the whole family and friends. Thanks to the spacious family tents you don't need an extra tent for each person, with the different sized family tents there is enough space for up to 15 friends & family members to sleep. Everyone can join you for a short weekend trip to the nearest campsite or festival. But even a few weeks in the south at the sea or in Scandinavia are no problem with the Outdoor Revolution family tents. Here at Vorzelte Profis you will find the right family tent for every use.

Outdoor Revolution has over 20 years of camping and outdoor experience in the development of family and camping tents. The company from England has made it its business to develop and manufacture awnings, tents and family tents that are quick and easy to set up. Whether you are looking for air tents or pop-up system tents, you will find what you are looking for in Outdoor Revolution's product portfolio.  This guide will help you find the right family tent for your next festival, concert, event or camping holiday. Here you can find out:

  • The space offered by a family tent
  • The right material is crucial
  • What accessories are available for the family tents?
  • How do I find the right family tent for us?

We hope to give you the right advice and help to find the right tent for you and your family and Friends on Vorzelte-Profis in our family tent online shop.

Space offered by a family tent

Anyone planning a camping holiday with family and friends knows that everyone would prefer to have their own place to sleep. Whether you take one of the large Outdoor Revolution tents or a smaller one is not the decisive factor at first. Outdoor Revolution offers practical extensions and add-ons to create additional sleeping space. The 2-person sleeping tents can be attached, the 4-person sleeping tent becomes an 8-person tent in just a few steps. Outdoor Revolution also offers very large family tents, such as the Outdoor Revolution Kalahari 9.0! It sleeps up to 13 people, so your family and friends can share your camping trip or holiday. Most Outdoor Revolution air tents can also be extended with an extra extension or porch extension. This gives family tent owners the opportunity to create even more space for friends and relatives.

How to choose the right family tent material?

Here it depends on the intended use and the place of use. The decisive factor is not only the weight but also the material properties and, in some cases, the water column. If you are only going camping for a few days a year, you can choose a light material with a weight of = 75 g/m2 and a water column of = 2500 mm. However, if you plan to go camping with your family more often a year, you should choose a material that is stable and has a water column of = 7000 mm. The normal Outdoor Revolution HDE 120 fabric is suitable for max. 2 - 3 weeks a year and is suitable for Northern Europe. It is perfect for short trips over the weekend and light. However, if you decide to go on longer holidays and excursions for more than 3 weeks a year and are travelling in the south, you should opt for a higher quality material, which is where the PolyCotton from Outdoor Revolution comes in. The PolyCotton is a mixture of polyester and cotton fibres, it offers very good UV stability and is also breathable. The family tent should also have some ventilation options, otherwise you won't have a nice indoor climate. In most cases, the windows are not only equipped with foil, but also have a layer of gauze mesh. This ensures good ventilation and a good indoor climate.

A pure cotton tent would be even better for the indoor climate. But it is not only heavy! And if it rains for a few days, it takes quite a long time for it to dry completely and be packed away again. A polyester or nylon fabric is not soaking and lighter, but because of the dense fabric it also limits the breathability and you have a higher temperature inside the tent. For this reason, Outdoor Revolution Inaca, Dorema and Isabella use a mix of different materials to benefit from the best properties.

Which camping accessories are the right ones?

We at Vorzelte-Profis are on the road at many camping fairs and manufacturer events to always test new products in order to provide our customers with the best possible camping experience. Whether you are looking for a Miru-Tec water protection cover or a Campooz sun canopy for your Eriba caravan, we have a wide range of camping accessories. Storm straps, pressure poles and awning extensions from Dorema, Isabella, Wigo and Inaca. Practical wind blockers in case it gets too windy. Our inflatable furniture such as the Campese Camping air sofa is also very popular with our customers. We are constantly trying to expand our portfolio in a sensible way so that your next camping holiday will not lack anything.

How to find the right family tent for my next camping holiday

Various factors play a role here! How long will I use the family tent per year? Where will I spend my holiday with the tent? (Here it is important that I am aware that the higher the UV radiation, the higher the quality of the material). The location, such as a campsite, festival or event, as well as the budget, family size and camping duration are also part of the decision-making process. Not every family needs space for 13-15 people, but usually ices out in groups of four or five, so a smaller family tent like the Outdoor Revolution Camp Star 500 is usually perfectly adequate. A small tent is of course also quicker to pitch and lighter than the flagship Outdoor Revolution Kalahari 9.0 PC, which can accommodate up to 15 people. Are you camping more than 4 weeks a year? Then take a look at the PC models from Outdoor Revolution, with the PolyCotton fabric you have a breathable and durable tent fabric that offers you protection, living and sleeping space for many wonderful holidays. It is also important to mention at what time of year you are going on holiday! If you only go camping in winter, you have different requirements for a family tent than a family that only uses the tent from spring to autumn. Also, not every family tent offers the option of window flaps. Here every camper should darken the tent. This gives you protection from the sun and light, and not everyone can see into the tent straight away. On +49 (0) 6181-257350 we are only a phone call away from your dream family tent. You can contact us 24/7 by e-mail: info(@)vorzelte-profis.de

We recommend the following Outdoor Revolution family tents for the most camping fun:

  • Kalahari PC 9.0
  • O-Zone 6.0 XTR Safari
  • Airdale 7.0 SE
  • Camstar 900DSE