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Eriba Touring & Feeling awnings, Trigano Silver & Mini, Evasion tents = for cult status caravans

In the 1950s, Hymer ushered in a new era of caravans when they launched the Troll caravan with a completely new design. The Eriba Troll caravan was the building block for today's well-known Eriba Touring series. The Hymer Eriba Touring range also consists of the Eriba Triton, Troll, Puck 230, Puck L & Pan models. But also all new models from 2022 onwards, including the Eriba Touring 310, 320, 420, 430, 530, 540, 542, 550, 560, 630, 642 caravans. The Eriba Touring series has won numerous design and innovation awards: Caravan of the Year 2022 - Winner German Design Award 2023 - European Innovation Award 2023 - Caravan of the Year 2023 - German Design Award 2024 Anyone looking for a tent for these vehicles can also find Eriba Touring awnings online in our Vorzelte Profis Shop.

Trigano caravans - Awnings

Another well-known brand that manufactures low caravans is Trigano. The company was founded in 1935 by Edgard Trigano. When French workers were entitled to paid annual leave, Edgard quickly recognised his opportunity and produced the first canvas tents. The best-known successful model was the ‘Canadienne tent’, a square blue and orange tent that sold millions of units throughout France. Trigano tents heralded the camping boom, making holidays affordable.  Another milestone in the company's history was the production of Trigano caravans in 1971, which were also produced in France like the tents. The Trigano Silver caravan series includes the low-floor caravans Trigano Mini Freestyle 290 - Silver Evasion 390 CP - Silver Mini Freestyle 390 - Silver Evasion 390 TDE. You can also shop Trigano awnings online for these low special caravans with a height of 1.98 in our Vorzelte Profis Shop.

Eriba Feeling Caravan - Tents

The modern Eriba Feeling Touring caravan was presented by the Hymer Group for the first time at the 2005 camping fairs. There was huge enthusiasm for the practical and unusual caravans. The Eriba Feeling models are contemporary caravans that have now won numerous fans throughout Europe. We can also see this in the enquiries for an Eriba Feeling awning from all European countries such as France, Ireland and Croatia. The Eriba Feeling also uses a pop-up roof to provide good freedom of movement, not only when cooking. The Eriba Feeling won 1st place in the Caravan of the Year 2023 category. The series includes the Eriba Feeling 380 / 425 / 430 / 442 / 450 / 470 models.

Pop Top Caravans - The best awnings

The low caravans have numerous advantages such as lower fuel and energy consumption, you save the toll surcharge and the stylish retro look you don't get with any other caravan. The disadvantages are the low headroom, but these popular caravans have a pop top roof. The folding roof has the decisive advantage that you can achieve a normal standing height by pushing up the lifting roof. Due to the low caravan height, these pop top roof caravans have a much lower piping height than a standard Adria or Fendt caravan. Walker, for example, uses special rear wall poles in order to have an adequate standing height in the awning and also to be able to get out of the caravan without hitting your head.

Conclusion: Since there are different heights of the piping rail depending on the year of construction, it is important to know the year of construction of the Eriba Enthusiast caravan. In some cases, this is already specified by the Pop Top awning manufacturers. If this is not the case, please also enter the year of manufacture under comments when ordering an Eriba Touring awning, for example.  At Vorzelte Profis you will find special Eriba Touring awnings and even Campooz Touring Canopies as well as Eriba Feeling awnings from various premium awning manufacturers such as Walker, Inaca, Isabella and Reda in our online shop.