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Caravan enthusiasts - Yes...There are tents (Adria Action, Knaus Sport & Fun, Hobby Beachy...)

There are other special caravans that do not have a lifting roof or lifting bed, but are different from a standard Weinsberg, Kabe or Tabbert caravan. These caravans have an unusual shape: (Knaus T@B 320 / 400, Kip Vision & Kip Shelter, Carpentino 410 and Adria Action 341 / 361 / 391. These caravans not only have a striking shape, be it the semi-circular appearance or a swing in the roof. Or there is simply no all-round piping rail, as is the case with the Hobby Beachy 360, 420 and 450, La Manchelle Fantaisy, Liberty or the Knaus Sport & Fun caravan. Due to the different or unusual shape, special awnings must always be used here too. A normal Kabe awning will not fit here and will not make for a great camping holiday with an awning! 

Knaus Sport & Fun Awning

We also offer special custom-fit awnings from Walker, Reda and even a Wigo Sport & Fun Rolli for the Knaus Sport + Fun caravans. Here, too, you don't need a usual awning for the Sport&Fun. We still remember well that a customer called and told us that he had ordered a Knaus Sport & Fun awning online from a well-known online shop provider according to his dimensions. The awning was ordered in autumn and he only put it up in spring, it was a normal caravan awning and the return period had expired. The customer had no choice but to order a suitable and correct awning for his special caravan awning online. We checked his details again and now the customer has a suitable and fitting Walker Knaus Sport & Fun tent, which he will use for many years of wonderful camping holidays.

Knaus T@B Awnings 320 & 400

We have good tents & Campooz t@b Canopies in our awning online shop for the eye-catching camping Knutschkugel. The T@b is available as a 320 or 400 version and also in the Offroad, Naked or Colour Kit model variants. The awning specialist Walker also differentiates between models built up to 2016 or older. Wigo only differentiates between the 320 and 400 models of the T@b tents. Isabella differentiates between the Isabella T@B awnings in model year 2007 - 2015 and from model year 2016, so the Walker T@b awnings are actually the best adapted awnings for the various t@b caravan models in terms of individual fit. At least that's our Vorzelte Profis opinion

Adria Action 341 / 361 / 391 - Tents

Walker, Reda and Isabella also offer customised awnings for the well-known Adria Action caravan series from the Slovenian caravan manufacturer. This is important, as there are also special awning fits for the Adria Action. A distinction is not only made between the Adria Action 391 / 361 or 341 model variants, but there are also different versions such as 361 LH, 391 LH, 391 PD and 391 PH. There is also a really great Walker and Campooz Adria Action sun canopy for this exceptional caravan. This is why you should also pay attention to these details when ordering Adria Action awning online. In principle, however, every proud owner of an Adria Action can also call us and get personalised advice for their dream tent.

Hobby Beachy 360, 420 & 450 - Quick set-up, even with an air awning

Many Hobby Beachy caravan owners initially buy their stylish dream caravan without thinking about an awning. However, you soon realise that you don't want to and can't spend all your time in the caravan. You can certainly sit in front of the caravan with the Hobby Beachy. But it's just not always ideal in terms of weather without an awning or sun canopy on a camping holiday. If you spend most of your time in the awning, there are special Hobby Beachy awnings from Dorema, Walker and Reda.