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Drop Down Bed Caravan - Special awning roof  

Bürtsner is regarded as the pioneer of high caravans with a bunk bed, having shaken up the European caravan market with the Bürstner Averso Plus 460, 440, 500, 510 & 520 models and the popular Bürstner Premio Plus 440, 495 and 510 at the beginning of 2016. This was followed by LMC and Dethlef with further high caravans on the market. Families in particular quickly became fans of the spacious caravans. 

The currently popular Dethlefs C'Go UP 525 KR - Weinsberg Cara One 390 & 540 - Bürstner Averso Plus 410, 440, 500, 510, 520 & Premio Plus 440, 495, 510 - LMC Sytle Lift 500 K and Hymer Living 550 XL drop-down bed caravans are also higher inside than a standard caravan due to the drop-down bed (who would have thought it). It's also obvious that a normal awning with a circulation dimension doesn't fit perfectly. Many companies such as Isabella, Inaca, Reda, Walker, Brandt and DWT have a special roof cut for these high Caravans. Think of it like a pair of jeans. If someone has a protruding bum, standard jeans won't fit either. In order to have an optimal fit, it would actually have to be a custom-made pair of jeans. This is really expensive for jeans, but not for a drop-down awning. As there are only a few dozen high caravans with special roofs at the moment, most awning companies have customised roofs. This means that water pockets and tension in the roof have no chance. The bunk bed caravan tent can simply be better tensioned with an extra customised cut. According to Dorema, all Dorema awnings also fit on high caravans thanks to their cut. 

High Caravans - Roll Out Canopys Wigo Rolli Plus Ambiente

When the first drop-down bed caravans appeared on campsites in 2016, it was only a matter of time before Wigo from Hessich Lichtenau started thinking about a special Rolli Plus Ambiente drop-down bed canopie. The first Wigo Rolli Plus bag awning prototypes were tested. So 2018 was the starting signal for the production of the Rolli Plus bag awning Ambiente drop-down bed for the Bürstner Averso and Premio Plus series. This was followed by LMC, Dethlefs and the rest of the high caravan bag awnings. In the VORZELTE Profis online shop, every camper can find their dream awning for their high drop-down bed caravan