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Curtains for your awning!

With the awning curtains in our Vorzelte Profis online shop, you not only have a fashionable accessory in your awning. The curtains also have the additional function of regulating humidity and the indoor climate. We feel most comfortable at a humidity of 40-60%. The moisture is also absorbed by the 100% cotton fabric of the awning curtains. Especially with a PVC awning, humidity regulation is important, as the PVC material, unlike acrylic, TenCate or AirTex, cannot absorb moisture.

Awning curtains also protect the privacy of the camper and his guests. You and your guests do not sit here as if on show, despite generous window fronts as with a Luxor Air 280 awning. You are also more protected at dusk and in the evening in a caravan awning with curtains. You can still enjoy the view of the green countryside during the day with curtains, which can also be pushed together.

The right curtains for my awning!

We, at Vorzelte-Profis, have a large selection of curtains in our curtain online shop, which you can buy online at low prices. Now it's up to the caravan awning owner's good taste! Would you rather have plain white curtains, as with a Wigo Rolli Lounge bag awning, or colourful ones with patterns, as with a Dorema Ibiza PVC awning, either with circles or rectangles? The choice is yours at Vorzelte Profis Gardinen Online Shop! With us, all wishes are covered. We carry original curtains from the awning manufacturers Dorema, Walker, Inaca and Wigo. Wigo stands out with its unusual snake pattern for the Wigo Rolli Plus Ambiente or the Inaca Stela caravan awning with its discreet awning curtains.

Pimp my awning - sew your own awning curtains

If the large selection of our original awning curtains and drapes in the Vorzelte-Profis online shop is not enough for you, you have the option of putting together your own curtains individually for your awning using the original curtain hooks from Dorema or Wigo. You can easily change the appearance of your awning individually with new chic curtains. Here you will find instructions on how to easily make your own awning curtains. Please make sure that, in your own interest, only curtain fabrics are used here that contain 100% cotton and are easy to maintain. This also means that you can wash your own awning curtains by hand or in the washing machine. (Easy care) Who has a washing machine in their caravan or motorhome. However, it is also important to clarify which curtain system is used! Whether clips as with Dorema, rollers as with Wigo, with Isabelle with the curtain glider set or with Brandt with the roller rings. Of course, you should also order these online beforehand. 

Buy curtains online from Vorzelte-Profis

We at Vorzelte-Profis not only ship to Frankfurt, Leipzig or Stuttgart, but also to Austria, Switzerland, France, Ireland, Denmark, Spain and many other European countries! We offer a simple and secure payment system in our curtain online shop, whether by credit card, Klarna, PayPal. We are also happy to offer you competent awning curtain advice by telephone on 06181-257350.