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Canopy awnings & canopy tents for camping

Nothing is set up as quickly as a good awning tent and that's why these awnings for campers and caravans for awnings are so popular. For anyone who travels a lot and only spends a few days in one place, this is the perfect alternative to Awnings. Depending on the weather, camper can decide whether only shade with awning or with side walls or also complete with all front and side walls should be guaranteed. Here you will find a summary of awning tent purchase advice for you:

Canopy awnings purchase advice: How to find the right awning tent for your awning from Fiamma, Thule Omnistore, Prostor:

Contents of the purchase guide for canopy awnings:

  • Canopy awnings for which vehicle
  • When is the best time to buy an canopy awning?
  • Where can I use an awning tent, where not?
  • What is particularly important?
  • How do I clean my awning?

Prejudice: Canopy for motorhome, awning for caravan

If you travel a lot with your vehicle, you also want to experience the sun, as we are not spoiled by it all year round, especially in Central Europe, and can enjoy the warmth and healthy rays. Whether on the way with the electric bicycle, with the walk or on the camping site. The last years are getting hotter and sunnier thanks to the global warming. So for every camper the question arises, do I order an canopy awning or an air tent? Most campers who only spend a weekend or a few days in one location do not want to do without an canopy awning anymore. All you have to do is park your vehicle, leave the canopy out, pull in the side and front walls and you're done. This way you can achieve construction times that are as fast or shorter as with an inflatable air tent. In short, whether motorhome or caravan an canopy awning always fits. If you also leave enough space under the piping rail of at least 10 cm, everyone can also put up an awning at will.

What time of year is the best time to buy a canopy awning ?

For every camper who owns an canopy and would like to buy an awning, the question arises when is the best time to do so. In addition to the numerous canopy awning online shops, we recommend that you simply go to a camping fair, such as the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf or the Camping Messe Wels in Austria. You will find good and inexpensive canopy awnings at the trade fairs and thus get the necessary overview.

Are there also weather conditions where an canopy awning cannot be used?

In extreme weather such as strong wind and rain, thunderstorms or snow, all manufacturers such as Fiamma, Thule and Dometic recommend rolling up the canopy. Surely you can survive a gust or two, but in really dirty weather you are better equipped with an air awning. The leverage effect is not to be underestimated, even with storm straps that have been stretched out.  

What should you look out for when buying canopy awnings online?

The following points are important when choosing the appropriate privacy room (this is also how the canopy awning are called):

  • Protection from the sun
  • Quick to assemble
  • Compatible
  • Light
  • UV resistant

Protection from the sun: Which material is suitable here?

Polyester PVC is the most commonly used material for canopy awnings, followed by PVA. High-quality PVC should be used, so even at -40C degrees it is still guaranteed to be flexible and not breakable. Unfortunately PVC is relatively heavy, TenCate which Inaca, for example, uses in its Fiamma awning tents is lighter.

Out, in & with the zipper connect

  • Attach awning side panels
  • Slide the front parts into the piping.
  • Connect with the zippers, wind down 
  • Ready in 5 minutes 

    Weight is important!

    Often there are problems with the payload and at some point every camper gets his maximum payload. If the canopy awning for caravans is made of PVC, this is not only bad for the awning joint, but also for the payload. It is also easier to assemble side parts and front parts that are not so heavy. Omnistore awning tents from Inaca are available from 15 kg, due to the use of high-quality TenCate Touring Ripstop. The entire canopy awning fits into a larger slim bag.

    Are there canopy awnings that fit on different canopies?

    VORZELTE PROFIS are pleased to have found Inaca, a still somewhat unknown camping brand in Germany, with over 35 years of experience in awning production. The brand is well known in Spain and Scandinavia, also for its high-quality Thule canopy awning. So these canopy awnings fit many Fiamma, Thule or Prostor canopies at the same time. Inaca does not manufacture tents for bag canopies.

    Long pleasure & use, thanks to UV resistance

    As with any inflatable awning, the material is also important here. Thanks to TenCate All Season RipStop, canopy awnings are particularly light, but still resistant. In order to enjoy the privacy room for a long time, we recommend to look out for TenCate or Mehler AirTex. The best way to clean your awning is with a soft sponge or cloth and warm water. Stubborn stains with a special camping tent cleaner. If you need help or advice about canopy awnings, you can contact VORZELTE PROFIS by mail or phone. We look forward to hearing from you. Phone +49 6181-257350.