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Campooz - Creative, high quality & beautiful

The emergence of the Campooz brand starts as follows: Once upon a time there were Gert, Harry & Raoul who met for the first time a long time ago (2013) at a charitable project. Gert & Raul organized a rally for a kindergarten in the Netherlands called KinderReich. Harry was the mechanic who supported the rally from Romania to the Netherlands and was responsible for repairs. Since Gert traveled a lot and was a passionate camper, the constant dismantling and setting up of the camping tents got on his nerves. He quickly came up with the idea of trying a trailer tent, but Gert didn't find what he was actually looking for or what met his requirements for quick assembly and disassembly. Since there was nothing for his high demands on the camping market, Gert was now working on his own tent trailer. He was also practical and handy. In autumn 2015 the time had finally come, after many failures, headaches and sweat, Gert had finished his first Campooz trailer tents prototype.

Campooz - the demand was huge

When Gert was out and about with his first Campooz tent trailer, other campers kept asking him where they could buy this practical and beautiful tent trailer. This is where Harry & Raul came into play again. So it was obvious that the Campooz company was founded in Holland in 2016 with this ingenious combination of product development, creativity, marketing and technical knowledge. In the Netherlands, you could quickly convince the camping dealers right from the start, they were immediately impressed by the design, quality and function of the Fat Freddy model, so the camping trailer and its Campooz sun canopy were immediately convincing. This way, some Campooz dealers could be won until October 2016 and show their tent trailers in their showroom. At the following camping fair, the second model called Lazy Jack was presented. In 2017, an inflatable camping trailer called Lola was presented at the fair for the first time. 2019 was the year of expansion and more dealers from all over Europe were added for Campooz. Cool model names are a system at Campooz, so there is also the Ugly Betty model. All Campooz tent trailers can be expanded with extensions depending on your life situation, depending on whether you are traveling with more or fewer people.

Campooz Sun Canopies and Awnings

In August 2019, the first Campooz sun canopie saw the light of day. The sun canopies of the Dutch brand impress with their design, functionality and quality & material. The Campooz sun canopies also fit almost all caravans and motorhomes. But also on motorhomes and buses fit well the beautiful Campooz sun canopies which are available in 3 colours. There is a Campooz sun awning especially for the Hobby Beachy caravans 360, 420 and 450, the Campooz Trekking sun canopie in beige. All Campooz trekking canopys are available in beige, black and grey and in sizes 275, 300, 325, 350, 375 and 400. For all caravans and buses with a low keder rail of 210 cm (also Eriba- Familia, Triton, Troll and Kip Kompakt & Kip Shelter) there is a special Campooz sun canopy, the Campooz Travelling sun canopy in sizes 275, 300, 325, 350, 375, 400 and also here 3 colours. Especially for the caravan Adria Action 361 LH, 391 LH (Sport), 391 PD and the 391 PH the Campooz Trekking sun canopy in 3 colours. 

Campooz Sun anopies, sun awnings and trailer tents - the material

Campooz Caravaning uses the robust and proven ripstop/cotton material with strong 300g/m² for its tents. The Campooz Ripstop is woven with special machines to maintain its durability. With a distance of c. 5 - 8 mm strong polyester threads are woven in to create the square structure. The advantage of RipStop/Cotton is that if a tear occurs, it only tears to the next box. This means that the material used by Campooz is easy to repair and more sustainable than normal awning fabrics.
The high proportion of cotton makes the sun canopy breathable and UV stable. The ripstop weaving technique makes the fabric very hard-wearing and quick-drying. Exactly this material is also used by the Australian army and in Australia, as is well known, there are very high UV values, hot temperatures and many hours of sunshine. Here the material is exposed to very special loads. FYI: The first time you use the Campooz sun canopy, the cotton fibers have to swell first and thus seal the entire sun canopy over the long term. After that, the fabric has to dry again and the contraction of the cotton finally seals the entire tent fabric.

Campooz - also does camping accessories

Under the name Rebel-Outdoor there is a great selection of beautiful cups, plates, bowls, thermos flasks, carpets, bags and furniture. Here, as in the Campooz canopies, the Dutch design signature comes into its own. The Rebel Outdoor camping accessories are also available to order online from us in the Vorzelt Profis Online Shop.