Awnings - More space in the caravan or motorhome when camping and on holiday

The awning and as such the term has become an integral part of modern camping. The beginnings of these tents date back to the 1950s, for example Dorema in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. The history of tents goes back to around 9700 B.C. Today, a tent is a light, often temporary structure made of functional tech material tailored to the needs of the owner. The following guide provides a lot of background information and tips on the subject of awnings for caravans and motorhomes. Here we explain for example:

  • How were awnings created?
  • Which material is best for awnings?
  • What kind of awnings & accessories are there?
  • What is the right awning for me?

With this information, we hope to give you the right advice and help to find the right pole awning or air awning for your vehicle and your needs from Vorzelte-Profis.

How did this idea develop?

When camping, you are in nature a lot and with a camper you quickly reach the limits of the required space.  Whoever needs cooking, food or more space inevitably needs more room at some point than available in the vehicle. In front of the caravan, you can do this without a roof or protection if the weather is nice and the sun is shining. If it rains or the sunlight is too strong, you should already have a sunroof over your head. This is how the ingenious idea of the awning came about. Constant innovations such as removable fronts and 6-metre-long zippers are now standard. At that time, however, absolute innovations were comparable with the first Apple iPhone. Further inventions such as the rotary measuring system, fibre tech frames and air tubes were added over the years.

Choice of material

Here it depends on the purpose and place of use. The roof load and water column are decisive. If one is only camping a few days in the year, light materials are enough, which has a weight of = 75 g/m² and a water column of = 2500 mm. More frequent users should stick to the more robust material = 180 g/m² and a water column of = 7000 mm. For continuous use over long periods of time (season camping), including low snow load, a weight = 200 g/m² and water column = 15000 mm is recommended. An awning for use throughout the year ( 4 season camping) should have the following characteristics = 250 kg/m², water column = 15000 mm. Breathability and UV resistance also count. A Chinese tent material (Dorema Startcamp series, Dometic Kampa, Westfield) has a higher water column than TenCate & Mehler Air Tex, but is neither breathable (tends to drip in the interior and is also not particularly UV stable)

Awnings - Different locations and needs

The term awning is well known in the camper scene. Since the development of these tents, it has become indispensable and a must have in camping. The numerous developments and inventions of many manufacturers and brands have brought a huge boom to the camping market. Mile stones were set here by the development of fibre glass-, Aluminium - and carbon frames. A basic distinction is made between a complete tent and a partial tent for a caravan. A whole tent is completely pulled into the piping rail and is wind, weather- and rainproof. A partial tent is only connected in the roof of the piping rail.  Further awning types are offered on the European camping market. Thus, Porch Awnings are suitable for camping friends who want to enjoy the feeling of celebrating nature the whole year. Whoever is into winter camping should take a look at the winter tents. Here you have to pay attention to stable poles and sufficient roof load. As the name suggests, lightweight tents are light and have little weight. But these are also very easy to set up. Motorhome awnings are enjoying increasing demand due to the boom in motorhomes. Here attention is to be paid on the tent being light, free standing and the possibility to close it from all sides. The camper also wants to explore the surrounding area with his motorhome or do his daily grocery shopping. But no awning has attracted more attention in recent years than the air awnings. For experienced amongst the campers this development was unbelievable. But it is a must have for modern campers. The inflatable air awnings are unbeatable in terms of stability and construction time. Set-up times of 10 - 15 minutes are no big deal for experienced campers. The same applies to Motorhome Awnings which are also available with poles as motorhome tents. Last but not least, Sun Canopies should also be mentioned. These are attached directly to the caravan in the piping or to an awning such as the full air awning Dorema Maribor Air All Season (Air Daytona in the UK) with a plastic connection profile on the canopy of the awning. The awnings are UV stable, as they are designed for the sun.


How do I find the right awning for me

Depending on the location and taste, all inexpensive awnings have their own right to exist. Whether it's a Lightweight Awnings for a short holiday or an Air Awning for a few days in Croatia. Winter campers are pleased about more place in the winter awning and the year-round campers about a 4 seasons tent. With a motorhome one is glad of a free standing awning (Dorema Traveller Air All Season) Whoever just wishes protection from sun and rain, is also well waived with a sun roof. New innovations are constantly being developed to create many new awnings for special applications.

We recommend the following brands for motorhome lovers and camping enthusiasts:

  • Dorema
  • Inaca
  • Isabella
  • Wigo
  • Outdoor Revolution
  • Walker
  • Wurmi
  • Miru-Tec
  • Outchair