The right accessories for your air awning

You have fulfilled your dream of an air tent and are now wondering what you need for your next holiday? Here you will find everything that makes the camper's heart beat faster. You don't feel like hammering pegs? No problem, with the Wurmi air awning set, pegging is child's play, simply drill the screw pegs into the ground with the battery screw. Here you will find the storm straps you need for your next trip so that your tent can also withstand stronger winds.

Additional reinforcement - good for strong winds

Do you want your air tent to be more stable? No problem, with the storm air struts you can reinforce your Dorema air tent by turning it by hand. It not only improves the wind resistance, but also helps to prevent water pockets.
water pockets and protects against one of the most common types of damage to tents. The Air Phix help to secure your air struts to the ground, simply drill into the ground with the included screw and insert the air struts.
and insert the air struts, then slipping is impossible.

Correct & efficent air pump

Everyone who has bought an air tent knows that the air pump supplied works, but it is not the best in terms of pumping power. Bravo offers the XL double-stroke pump, with an air volume of 2 x 2.5 litres you can pump up your air tent, inflatable boat or SUP board in no time. If you want to have it a bit more comfortable while drinking a coffee, you can get an electric pump, be it the Scoprega Bravo or an Outdoor Revolution pump. Both products are the best choice and save you the sweaty pumping.

Magnets - Perfekt to attach items

Unfortunately, you can't attach things to the poles of an air tent like you can with a pole tent, but there is the option of attaching FlexiMags magnets. Specially developed for air tents, they allow you to hang lamps or coat hooks on the tent, giving you the same possibilities as in a pole tent. The magnets are specially coated with rubber so as not to damage the tent skin or the air tube. FlexiMags are available in 3 different set sizes, so there is something for everyone. Packed in a safe plastic box, nothing will get lost.

Wind and wheel arch cover

Who hasn't experienced it? You are sitting in the awning, you hear the rain pattering on the roof and you are glad to be dry. But usually rain comes in combination with wind which then pushes under the vehicle into the inside of the tent and exposes you to the weather conditions. A wind and wheel arch cover can help here, usually this is inserted into a keder strip, if none is available you can glue one on later or fasten the whole thing with press studs.

Attachments - neccesary for extra camping space

Here you will find what you are looking for if you are looking for an attachment for your air tent. Whether you want to store your bicycles or other camping equipment, an extension can make your tent bigger and give you the space you need. Dorema also offers the option of adding a sleeping tent to most extensions, which can accommodate up to two adults.

Inner Velum - Safe energy, reduce noise

Equip your favourite awning with the matching inner velum. In summer, an inner velum helps to reduce the temperature of the tent by 5-6 degrees and in winter you save on heating costs thanks to the additional insulation. Noises can also be disturbing in a awning and tent with an velum you will have different acoustics. You will be amazed at how much the velum can affect the background noise.

Air furniture - comfy and light

If you have an air awning you need the right furniture. Outdoor Revolution, a company based in England, has a great range of furniture. From simple armchairs with armrests to a 2-person couch and footrests made entirely of air. Easy to clean thanks to the removable cover, so you can enjoy camping for a long time. Also available as thermo. An absolute eye-catcher at every trade fair we have been to, our customers are thrilled with the comfort and quality of the furniture.

LED Camping Lighting

You also want to sit in the awning in the evening and enjoy the evening hours, unfortunately not quite possible without proper Light. No Problem with Outdoor Revolution's Lumi-Link LED lighting system. Connected in just a few minutes, the set consisting of 3 LED strips brings light into the dark. So that it is not too bright, it can be dimmed and the whole thing can be controlled by remote Control.